Penthouse »Alstervilla«

Exlusively furnished in Ralph Lauren Home

Jens Denecke a former Design Director at Ralph Lauren Home New York, created the interior lifestyle concept for the Penthouse in the Alstervilla in Hamburg.

He then implemented this lifestyle concept – in close cooperation with Sabine Stecher, Architect at Frankonia Eurobau – into the Penthouse generating a luxurious space that is exclusively furnished in Ralph Lauren Home.

To complete his vision he additional designed furniture and lighting and had some of the RL Home pieces custom built.

The Penthouse has the unobstructed view onto the river Alster in the center of Hamburg.


American Barware

Kristallmanufaktur Theresienthal


Inspired by the coastal town Newport in Rhode Island, Jens Denecke created a luxurious crystal glass collection that combines the roughness of the open sea, with the airy clearness of the Atlantik Ocean.
A facetted substantial ground merges into a thin glass bowl.


the beauty of the barware is the contrast between the perfect glass making, its crystal clear glass and the impression that a sculptor had roughly chiseled big chunks out of the glass’ base.A facetted substantial ground merges into a thin glass bowl.
The glass fits perfectly – as a palm stone – into your hands.
Its luxury is hidden behind an understatement.


Leather Goods

Ludwig Schröder

The combination of premium leather with an excellent know-how of Ludwig Schroeder's Leder Manufaktur, passed by generations regarding manufacturing qualities are resulting into awarded design products.


Home Furnishings

Dune NY

A modern Home Collection made by the order of dune, reflecting the excellent manufacturing qualities and displaying dune’s capabilities of solving manufacturing challenges.


Jens Denecke

Design Director

Creating lifestyle related Home Furnishings and Interiors, Jens Denecke is developing personalized, branded and believable atmospheres to live or work in.

Based on his degree of Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Jens Denecke worked over six years in New York City in lifestyle relevant Home Collection Design.

Such as Ralph Lauren Home, as a Product Manager for Furniture, promoted to Design Director for Lighting, table top and Accessories, then for Williams-Sonoma Inc. as a Creative Executive, developing a high end luxury furniture and lighting line.

Jens Denecke’s Awarded Designs are to begin with functional while following personalized as well as branded themes. His Creations of Home Furnishings, i.e. furniture, lighting are custom made to fit your already lived or desired lifestyle.




Jens Denecke
Jürgen-Töpfer-Str. 51
22763 Hamburg
Tel +49 40 42104671